“The flexibility of our designs allows freedom for the interior designer.”

Circular Diffuser
A Circular Diffuser

Whatever your ventilation needs – from a single mechanical ventilation system, through to a full air conditioning installation Andrew Engineering will be able to turn your requirement into reality.

From the initial client brief the whole of the design and installation process is professionally managed through to handover. Either working from a full client specification or an open statement of requirement, Andrew Engineering will bring the experience necessary to ensure the optimum system selection. Specialist knowledge and experience enables upgrading of existing facilities or a cost effective new solution.

Heritage properties, listed buildings, difficult city centre locations or new builds, Andrew Engineering can tailor an individual solution to meet the requirements. Andrew Engineering design and build systems using equipment from all the major manufacturers, yet remain completely independent. In-house manufacturing capability for ductwork and air handling units. Choice of equipment is based upon consideration of all the factors involved to achieve the best solution for the customer.

Working in accordance with statutory and good practice standards, combined with many years relevant experience, Andrew Engineering have designed, installed and commissioned ventilation systems for example in the following areas:

  • Hospital operating theatres
  • Hotel toilet and bathroom extract
  • Kitchen supply and extract
  • Pub and NightClub Hi-rate ventilation
  • Restaurants
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Sports Halls
  • Offices
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“All our systems are designed with the client in mind.”

  • Aesthetically discreet yet effective
  • Uniform conditions throughout the venue
  • Energy efficiency throughout the venue
  • Low noise operation
  • Simple user controls
  • Compliance with buildings and fire regulations
  • Optional integration with heating and cooling systems
  • Colour co-ordinated external duct work for minimum visual impact
  • Fully corrosion protected

Heat Recovery Ventilation

With increasing energy costs, the need to recover waste energy from ventilation systems and use it to pre-heat incoming fresh air has never been greater. We can design and install systems for all locations using:

  • Fixed Plate Exchanges
  • Thermal Wheels
  • Heat Pumps


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