Sudden changes in temperature leads to poor ageing of the wine. Too much humidity and labels peel off, too little and the corks dry out.”

Wine Store (Cellar) CoolerWhilst a traditional cave provides these conditions, in most modern properties even those with a basement cellar, there is a requirement to provide controlled conditions, with an efficient cellar cooling and humidification system.

Based on the Friax range of wine store coolers, Andrew Engineering can design and install a wine store cooler system to suit almost any space for a home wine cellar.

With particular attention to detail on noise and vibration control, these systems are designed specifically for the domestic market, with optional configurations to suit every application:

  • Air or water cooled condensing units
  • Ceiling or wall mounted evaporators
  • Concealed (ducted) or exposed evaporators
  • Monoblock version available
  • Wireless or wired controller
  • Integrated humidifier

All the systems can provide heating or cooling for full temperature control.

We would always recommend the humidifier option for all home installations.

All condensing units are fitted with a low noise kit for ultra quiet operation, (the smallest system condensing unit operates at just 37dBA).

Helping you take care of your wine collection
Helping you take care of your wine collection
Wine Store Cooling Fans

  • 230v power supply
  • 15mm mains coldwater supply (humidifier)
  • Fully automatic digital temperature control
  • R134A or R404A refrigerant
  • 15m standard pipework length
Wine Store Cooler (Friax Control Box)

  • Full digital temperature control
  • Low power consumption
  • Ultra quiet indoor and outdoor unit operation
  • Uses a standard cold water supply
  • No need for a separate humidifier


Andrew Engineering are REFCOM certified.
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